Skin Care Store

We make and sell all natural body products. 

They are all made without chemicals.
I use high quality and organic 
ingredients in all of my products. 

Until we are able to get ordering buttons
added to our "store" please feel free 
to place an order through

These are the items we sell:


Special Peppermint Package

1 - 4 oz Peppermint Lotion and
2 - Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Send yourself to a daily spa right in your
own home.  These 3 products are sure
to nourish and moisturize your skin.

ingredients listed below 

Set:  $16


All Natural Creamy Body Lotion 

-scented with essential oils-

There is nothing as wonderful as a hydrating 
lotion that you can trust to moisturize and 
keep your body healthy all at the same time.
This lotion is wonderfully full of ingredients
that are sure to help your skin heal, replenish
and stay fresh all day long.  

grape seed oil, organic coconut oil, 
shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, jojoba oil, 
organic aloe vera, distilled water, organic cornstarch,
vitamin E, grapefruit seed extract
keep it fragrance free or add an essential oil of your choice 
(orange, lemon, lime, lemon/lavender, orange/rosemary,
vanilla, peppermint, vanillamint, wintergreen, 
spearmint, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, carrot seed)

2 oz ~ $5 
4 oz ~ $9 
8 oz ~ $17 
16 oz ~ $32 

Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Keep your lips soft and moisturized all year long
with our Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

cocoa butter, almond oil, beeswax, Vit E
peppermint essential oil

$3.50 a tube
3 for $10 if there is not a sale going on


Herbal Healing Balm

Our Herbal Salve supports 
healing and helps the tissue repair of
small abrasions, chapped skin, sun burns
bites, minor cuts, eczema, etc.
This is a wonderful balm to have tucked away into
your purse or in your home.

organic extra virgin olive oil infused 
with organic comfrey leaf, organic calendula, 

and organic plantain leaf, beeswax, 

rosemary and lavender essential oils 

$9 for a 1 oz tin 
$17 for a 2 oz tin 
$30 for a 4 oz tin


  Homemade Madagascar Vanilla

Add a splash of divineness 
to your favorite recipe or drink.
This is 100% pure vanilla extract.

It does not have any additives.

 $8 for a 4 oz jar
$15 for an 8 oz jar

 Madagascar vanilla bean extract and alcohol

Calendula Stick

Calendula can be a powerful help when it comes 
to helping aid the skin in restoration.

calendula infused organic olive oil, beeswax

$5 a roll up stick .5 oz

$8 for a 1 oz calendula tin
$15 for a 2 oz tin
$25 for a 4 oz tin   


Decadent Body Cream

This hydrating cream is made with some of the best
all natural ingredients on the market.  
Together they produce a body cream
that can moisturize your skin like nothing else. 
This buttery cream can be used on your face 
or any of those special parts of your body
you want to keep looking fresh.
raw, unrefined shea butter
 organic coconut oil
almond oil, jojoba oil 
You can scent it with these 
essential oils:  orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit,
peppermint, wintergreen, spearmint,
lavender or jasmine
$8 for a 2 oz jar
$15 for a 4 oz jar
$28 for a 8 oz jar
$54 for a 16 oz jar

Raw, Unrefined Shea Butter

 If you like to try ingredients in their 
all natural state, you can try some of 
this shea butter. It can also 
help to keep your skin, lips, elbows, 
and dry skin free from the cracking that may come
from the dry weather and harsh temperatures. 
It beautifully nourishes in it natural state.
1 oz ~ $4
2 oz ~ $7
4 oz ~ $13

I can also mix it with some organic coconut oil
so that is has even more moisturizing properties.
It is $1 extra per size to add the coconut oil to it. 
Organic Vanilla Sugar

Add some deliciousness to your coffee,
tea or favorite drink. Add some yumminess
to your toast or a muffin.  
Easy to stir or sprinkle right in.

 organic sugar and Madagascar vanilla beans

$8 for a 4 oz jar 
 2 jars for $15
Learn to Ferment
Water Kefir, Milk Kefir,
or Vegetables

1/4 C of Water Kefir grains are $15
2 Tbsp of water kefir grains $8
Fermenting Lids 

1 Lid - $9 

Water Kefir Fermenting Kit
fermenting lid and 2 Tbsp of water
kefir grains  - $17 


I am a hobby herbalist.
I enjoy making and learning about
 all natural products.
If you have any medical issues,
please consult a physician before trying
anything you are unsure about.
 ~ Thank you ~


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