Thursday, February 5, 2015

Refreshment for Your Skin

It is that time of year when a little refreshment
to the skin can help us feel nourished and refreshed.

Whether you live in a balmy area of the world or
you are enjoying the brisk temperatures of the season,
our skin products can help your skin through these times.

Come see some of the all natural skin products 
we carry in our store.
We only make products with pure ingredients 
because that is what we love to use ourselves.

Some things you might like:

Rejuvenate Body Butter
- this is such a wonderfully thick lotion -

 All Natural Renew Lotion

- this lotion is full of all natural ingredients -
- you can even pick an essential oil to help make is smell yummy -

 Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

 - yummy protection for your tender lips -

Pure Shea Butter

- this is thick and moisturizes well -

Restore Herbal Salve

- this salve is full of all sorts of goodness -

Thank you for coming by,

 The Gullett Family

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Holiday Skin Care Sale

It is so special to remember the birth of Christ.

He came down as God Incarnate into the form of a man.

This truly was a miracle as it fulfilled all of the 
Old Testament prophecies.

The One that would save His people from their 
sins had come and in our family we take time to have 
a sweet, simple celebration to remember His coming.

If this is a time of year that you give gifts to those you love,
we wanted to share a little something we do.

We make all natural skin care products.
In our family we have had skin issues that have led me
to learn how to make some products that do not have any added 
chemicals in them. They are soft and gentle products.

If you are interested in the above package, 
it is $15 and has a 4 oz of Peppermint Lotion
and 2 Peppermint Cocoa Butter Lip balms in it.

Here is our store link if you want to visit it and see if there 
are any other skin care products you would like:

May this Advent Season be a special time
for you as a family.
May you have time to
read about Christ's birth in 
in the Bible, God's Holy Word!

The Gullett Family