Our Studio Store

In our home we create together.
Here are some of the sweet things we have 
put together that are available:

created by Katie

Katie takes these beautiful photos 
and then creates notecards.
These cards are filled with God's Word.
They will inspire, uplift
and encourage.
5 cards for $12

Homemade Vanilla

Add a splash of divineness
to your favorite recipe or drink.

This is 100% pure vanilla extract.

It does not have any additives.

 $8 for a 4 oz jar
$15 for an 8 oz jar

 Madagascar vanilla bean extract and alcohol

Fermenting Lids

Fermenting foods is fun and these lids 
make it easier and they keep bacteria away
at the same time.  The Air Lock vents
can be easily taken apart for easy clean up.
The lids come with a silicone seal 
to produce a tight seal needed for fermenting.
$9 each or 3 for $26

Worm Composting Kit
made by Timothy Gullett

This composting starter kit is a great way to
get rid of your food scraps and turn them
in to beautiful compost for your garden or house plants.
Worm composting is an easy way to
produce "garden gold" which is another
name for worm castings. 

 starter kit - $35

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